"Jax's malas are not only exquisite, but they have a presence of grace to them. Whenever I wear them, I feel as if I am wearing something special, as if it's been crafted with love."

~ Brandon Bays, best-selling author of 'The Journey'


"Wow, tears flowed as I opened layer for layer, all expressions of the perfection you are. And I clearly felt the love and dedication you've put into my mala. Thank you, thank you, thank, from one Goddess to another.

~ Dorine

"A big thank you to Aroha Soul for my mala. I absolutely love it! I always feel so special when I'm wearing it and everybody compliments me. Plus I love knowing it was made especially for me."

~ Hadani

"I'm compelled to share my utmost satisfaction and the complete delight it was to open my gorgeous package and find inside the most precious piece of jewellery. I do indeed feel adorned when I wear my stunning Mala, designed and crafted with absolute care and attention."

~ Rebecca Tavete