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The benefits of carnelian are many including inspiring courage and confidence, supporting sexual energy, enhancing creativity, supporting us in moving forward in life by strengthening our willpower to move in a new direction, and so much more than that!


Amazonite is a strong stone for communicating our truth helping us to align our speech to our higher ideals.


This gorgeous 108-bead mala is named after Kali, a passionate Hindu goddess who destroys that which does not serve us and restores dharma, right action.

It's made up of faceted 8mm carnelian beads, with gold filigree beads surrounded by gold-plated beadcaps. The guru bead is 12mm amazonite capped by a beautiful 14/20 gold beadcap and a bright turmeric tassel accented with gold thread.


Your mala is made with focussed, loving awareness and is cleansed and infused with blessings and prayers.


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