The sacred meaning of 'AROHA' and how the naming of AROHA SOUL came to be...

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

It's said that 'our word creates our world' and for me this is so very true. And no more true than when it came to naming my sacred jewellery business. So just in case you're interested, I thought I'd write about how the name AROHA SOUL came about...

In the beginning, Aroha Soul was called by another name. As I wrote in my first blog post, my main spiritual path and journey in life has been of the Hindu pursuasion. And so I gave my jewellery the part~Sanskrit name Blissananda. 'Ananda' in Sanskrit means ‘the bliss of’ so Blissananda translated into 'the bliss of bliss'. Pretty cute, right?

But what I discovered quite early on was that many, being unfamiliar with Sanskrit sounds, seemed to struggle a little bit with the pronunciation. Well, goodness knows I didn’t want anyone to have to struggle! And so, because it was my heart’s desire to have a name that embodies and encompasses the jewellery I create, I began the curious journey to find another name...

...along came an angel...

As always happens when I'm searching for an answer, the Universe sends me signs and angels to help me along my way. One day, a good friend was visiting me, and being the kind of woman who guides and supports people in living their best life and in being happy and fulfilled, she couldn’t help but ponder what name might encapsulate my jewellery.

The word Aroha in ceramic tiles
AROHA on my wall at sunset complete with glowing heart

On my living room wall is the word AROHA in individual ceramic tiles, and pointing at that, she said, “Why are you using an Indian-type name when you're a New Zealander who's part-Maori? Why don’t you call it 'Aroha' or something like that?”

Even though I loved the name Blissananda, and knowing I needed to find something else, I had to agree. Why wouldn’t I be using something native to my land and indigenous bloodline? It was almost as if the word hanging on my wall was providing the answer all along!

So what does AROHA mean, and how do you pronounce it,

for those of you who, like moi, like to get words right?

Here’s the phonetic pronunciation to guide you:


For those of you who're really particular, like I can be, all the syllables are of the same length, with a slight rolling of the 'r' in 'ro'.

Aroha is made up of Aro, Ro, Ha, Oha. These words give many layers of meaning offering a profound message of love and connection. Here's what they mean:

ARO is thought, life principle, paying attention, to focus on, to face or front

RO is inner, within, introspection

HA is life force, breath, energy

OHA is generosity, prosperity, abundance, wealth

...going deeper...

It's not just love but so much more...

Aroha is most often translated as “Love”, and though it does mean that, the full meaning of the word encompasses all of the five senses as well as the ego and intellect, and it can't be contained in just one word. In Maori, aroha encompasses the breath of life and the creative force of the spirit. It assumes that the Universe is abundant and that there are infinite opportunities available to all of us. It seeks and draws out the best in us, it rejects greed, aggression and ignorance and instead encourages actions that are generous, tender and compassionate.

Woh! Isn’t that beautiful? This is exactly what my jewellery is all about. And I think that adding the word ‘Soul’ brings even more potency and depth to all of that power and truth, don't you?

I'm so often told by my customers that they can actually feel the sacredness of their piece of jewellery. I can't tell you how good that makes me feel.

There may be thousands of malas and other spiritual jewellery creations made by so many over the ages out there in the world, and with Aroha Soul you can be uplifted knowing that the meaning of AROHA is what’s underlying, and intrinsically part of, your very own special piece of Aroha Soul spiritual jewellery.

"May you feel and be Adorned

as the Goddess You Truly Are."

Arohanui (that's Maori for much love/with deepest affection), you Crazy Diamonds,


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