Oops, I made myself sick...

Updated: May 16, 2019

Or, why I cleanse and bless your Aroha Soul Spiritual Jewellery.

It’s somewhere around summertime 1994, in the middle of the night, and I suddenly wake up feeling physically ill...

I’ll spare you those details! A few hours earlier I was having an upsetting argument over the phone with my son’s father, and I’ll spare you the details of that, too!

I was with a group of women, in the middle of making my very first Dream Catcher. You see, my older sister had recently arrived back from am amazing spiritual sojourn in the States, and she showed me her first stunning Dream Catcher that she had made under the guidance of a woman who had been shown by her Medicine Woman grandmother.

With wide eyes and a gasp I exclaim, "You have to show me how to make one, Diane!"

And so, there we were, a couple of weeks later, a small and eager group of women gathered together, making our dream catchers under the careful guidance of my sister. Holding our hoops in our hands we were weaving the web complete with beautiful hand-picked beads. And that's when the phone rang. I returned from the call and with a feeling of unease, I continued to weave the web and then complete the dream catcher with its special feathers.

That night, I hung it above my bed knowing that it would catch my good dreams and purify the not-so-good ones… well, now we’re back to the beginning of this story…

The Important Teaching:

It became absolutely clear to me, from that emotional experience, that when I’m creating sacred items, whatever I’m thinking and feeling and the intentions I'm holding at the time all get infused into the sacred piece, which itself imbibes and carries that specific energy.

Well now, dearies, the absolute last thing I want to do is make you sick like I was!

As sacred sounds are playing, a candle is lit and from that flame I light my Palo Santo stick and smudge the room cleansing the space, setting good intentions as I do so. The gorgeous, sweet fragrant scent fills the air. Then I gather together all the components - the beads, beadcaps and thread - and with loving intention and great focus, I sit to bring them all together as one. As I create it, I hold the person for whom I’m creating the piece in my heart, imagining them happy and fulfilled as they wear or use their sacred jewellery. And if I happen to know the person, I find myself remembering fond times together.

Once the jewellery piece is completed, I place it outside in the Sun for a while allowing it to absorb its energising rays of light. When I’ve brought it in from its sunbathing session, I light some fragrant incense or Palo Santo stick and smudge the jewellery, imagining all cleansing taking place. Then as I gently and respectfully cup the piece in my hands I speak wishes of love, peace and joy, which I breathe into the precious beads, all while setting the intention that the wearer feels herself to be as the Goddess she truly is. And with reverence, I place it into its special jewellery bag ready to be sent on its way…

I truly feel that every cloud has a silver lining...

And back then in 1997, making myself sick was no exception! As unpleasant as it was, from that experience came that essential teaching I needed in order to be a true creator of sacred pieces. And my son’s father and I? Well, naturally I’ve matured since then and for a long time now, and even mostly back then, we get on just fine...

I know I'm not alone in experiences to do with sacred items and rituals, so I'm curious...have you ever had an interesting experience to do with sacred items? (I could share so many more but that would be another story or five!) So what's happened personally for you? What magical, mystical tales might you have to share?

Just apply to add yourself as a member here in my blog, and once approved, you can do that.

I'm all ears...

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Thanks for listening, Precious Ones.

Peace, Love and Mung Beans,


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