My heart broke open...

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

She looked absorbed in utter ecstacy...I couldn't help myself, I was drawn, crouching closer to picture of a beautiful Indian woman as I sat, transfixed, on the living room floor. And then suddenly, from out of the blue, BANG! there was a flash of light and my heart broke open, thumping like galloping horses! So strong, that if it weren't for my chest plate, my pounding heart would have burst right through my skin and lain quivering on the floor! And right then, I was completely flooded with what I can only call Pure Love...

That was the beginning of a profound, utterly life-transforming true spiritual path and journey. My life from that moment on has never been the same. I dove into it...I had no choice. It is as if it were pre-ordained.

It is a path of Hindu tradition, steeped in ancient rituals honouring all expressions of what is known as Shiva. We could call it God, Goddess, The Universe, All That Is. Whichever we choose, my belief is that it is all One and the Same.

And so it was, back then, on that spiritually fateful Tuesday morning in 1995, that my deep desire to create spiritual jewellery, especially malas, began to seed...

Malas, which are so much an intrinsic part of this ancient tradition, are a string of sacred beads used to keep count of mantra repetitions. If you've seen images of Hindu saints, sages, sadhus and devotees, you'll have perhaps noticed they wear and use malas.

I was strongly pulled to the perfect and beautiful beaded creations. But whenever I bought one, or was given one, they would, every time a coconut, either break soon after, or mysteriously disappear.

Now, years on, the seeds have sprouted and matured, and the time has come for me to finally give birth to what are Aroha Soul malas and spiritual jewellery. Each piece is crafted from semi-precious, glass, wooden, or sacred rudraksha beads and all are made with focussed intention and love. Each one is cleansed and blessed for you, so that you may feel and look and know yourself as the Goddess you are...

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