No Competition...Or Is There?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

It was once a dirty word for me...until now...

What do you think of when you hear the word competition? Sport and games not withstanding, how would you define it within your life? Do you think, as some of us might do, that it means one will win while others lose? Or one makes it to the top, or is the best, and the rest are below? That others in similar fields will take away from ourselves? Almost as if there isn't enough to go around. Or do you absolutely thrive on it? What does competition mean to you?

For me, just personally speaking, one of the things competition seemed to imply was that someone had to be better than another, or that somehow through my success, another might unfairly miss out.

Well, this morning I was introduced to the original meaning of the word competition. And I was thrilled to find out that it’s absolutely the opposite of winning and losing. The original meaning is:

To strive for a common goal. To be in collaboration.

What do you think about that? Pretty marvellous, eh? I have to say, this definition of competition really lights me up! Unless it's in a game situation, I’m not really one to enjoy feeling in competition with another. Within my life, I don't want to beat someone to number one, or to take from or try and outshine another. What makes me happy is having each one of us succeed in life, whatever that might be.

And this is just as true for me in business as well. I set up Aroha Soul purely to fulfil a strong creative expression that had been incubating within me for around 20 years (gosh, what took me so long?!) just waiting to be born. And I wanted to share it with anyone who might want my jewellery to support their spiritual practices or just to be adorned.

But, dear ones, this time I'm not here to talk about my spiritual jewellery creations...

Om Namah Shivaya ring

In the spirit of the true meaning of competition,

to be in collaboration, this time I want to share with you about Ananda Soul. Christina set up this gorgeous, truly ethical spiritual jewellery and organic clothing company in Bali about 13 or so years ago. She is an exquisitely talented designer and silversmith and her jewellery is quite simply breathtaking. She wanted to make sure her company supported the mothers, whom she employs, and children in Bali who would otherwise be on the street, as well as operate from a place off ethics and integrity and to truly make a difference in this world.

Om Tat Sat ring

Here are the pieces I own. Do you see sacred inscriptions on the inside of the rings? Perhaps you're curious to have a closer look at Ananda Soul. There's a lot there you can dive into to find out all about the company. I'm pretty sure you'll find it well worth your time. You'll be oohing and aahing, I'm sure!

Plus they even have a sale on at the moment. But be quick, 'cos I've noticed things are selling out fast!

And if you decide to purchase something, not only will you own some very special and sacred creations, but also you'll know that you'll be meaningfully contributing to the quality of life of the mothers and children in Bali. While you're there you'll also find organic cotton clothing. Have a look for yourself here.

So how do you think I look in my Ananda Soul jewellery, friends? Each beautiful piece was 'specially chosen to honour my and my partner's Commitment to eachother.

Now that's collaboration!

Namaste, Blessed Ones,


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