The Malas

'Mala' is the Sanskrit word for garland. Traditionally, a mala is a string of prayer beads used to keep count when repeating a mantra or sacred phrase, or name of a deity, the practice of which is called 'japa'. Typically, they consist of 108, 54 or 27  beads along with the Guru or Om bead above the tassel or pendant. Because malas have been an instrinsic part of the Hindu tradition for thousands of years, with countless sages and spiritual students over the millenia using them to repeat sacred words, they are a potent tool with which to support your own spiritual practice.

An Aroha Soul  mala is also a powerful support for repeating your affirmations and is an effective tool for keeping you focussed on the words you're expressing. As you touch each bead and repeat your affirmation, you'll know exactly how many repetitions you've made!

Each hand-knotted mala is individually hand-made here in beautiful New Zealand with strong twisted silk or nylon bead thread. The beads used are semi-precious crystals resonating with their own natural power and healing qualities such as clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz and turquoise to name a few, and Austrian or Swarovski crystal and glass beads. The tassel is made from either silky nylon or cotton.

The Bracelets

Decorate yourself with a beautiful stretch bracelet made with healing and energising semi-precious crystals, wood and shiny accents of gold or silver. They're available in just a single strand or, if you like more, a triple strand.

In order to preserve and honour their sacred nature, every single piece is made with love, reverence and focussed awareness just for you.

All malas are inspired by, and dedicated to, Sri Moojiji...