Care Instructions

You've chosen your special piece, and of course it'll be important to you that you honour it by looking after it. So it makes sense that taking good care of your precious piece of handmade jewellery will ensure lasting enjoyment.

To protect the silk thread on which the beads are strung, keep your hand-knotted mala dry. To clean, just use a soft damp cloth, gently pulling the strand through. The tassel can be carefully washed in warm soapy water, rinsed and carefully squeezed dry in a towel taking care to keep it smooth and straight. Then gently shake to loosen the strands. 

To cleanse and energise the semi-precious stones, place them indoors in the full moonlight, and remember to remove them from the re-energising sunlight after 30 minutes since excess exposure to the sun may rot the silk strand over time. And we don't want that!

If you like, keeping each piece in the provided bag will protect it from dust. Just make sure the tassel is carefully placed inside so as not to crush it.